What Are Common Air Conditioning Problems?

Dunes Heating & Air Conditioning LLC of Mount Pleasant SC is here with a couple of the most typical air conditioning problems in the Charleston SC area.

No Cool Air - If you can hear your A/C equipment working but there isn’t cool air blowing, you might need to have your refrigerant levels inspected. Refrigerant is what helps make sure the air coming out of your air conditioner is actually cool. Call Dunes Heating and Air Conditioning LLC. and we’ll come out and check your refrigerant levels and look into why your system is not blowing cool air.

Fan Won’t Rotate - 
One reason your condenser fan may not be rotating could be that it relay burned out and you have to replace it. Humidity can cause more condensation so a second issue to watch for is that the water is not draining correctly or that the drain is restricted. If you can verify these matters, you may be able to pinpoint the problem if not, give Dunes Heating & Air Conditioning LLC. call and we can look into what has stopped your condenser fan from rotating and discuss your options to get your system cooling again.

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