Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean

Air conditioningDuring the warm summer and fall weather in Mount Pleasant SC, your air conditioner works continuously to keep your home cool and comfortable by removing heat and humidity from the air. Keeping your air conditioner clean by taking the time to check and clear the area around your outdoor condenser is a great way to prevent airflow problems that can increase strain on the system, raising your cooling bills and increasing your risk for a cooling breakdown. You should aim to keep the area around the condenser clear for two to three feet in all directions, including above the unit, to prevent dirt and debris from lodging in or damaging the fins or other mechanical components. Additionally, you should keep your air conditioner’s condensate drain line clean by pouring a cup of vinegar or bleach into the access port once every few months to remove algae or mold, which tends to build up inside the pipe. If the drain line appears to be clogged at all, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to clean your condensate drain line┬áto prevent a backup.

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