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Get Better Air Quality This Summer

Better Summer Breathing

While summer air is welcomed with open, in-need-of-a-tan arms, the seasonal shift brings a change to our air. From the hot sun making your home stuffy to the increase in pollen and other allergens, the air in your home feels heavy and takes a toll on your family.

Take back control of your indoor air quality this summer and breathe easier with these tips from the experts at Dunes Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC.

What’s In The Air

Our air is filled with many things we often cannot see, yet they can have a big impact on our respiratory system, skin, and eyes. Some pesky irritants that can make for a sniffly and itchy summer are:

  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Dust

As you breathe these in, they can cause irritation of the respiratory system, dry skin, and itchy eyes.

Don’t let this scare you, though! As long as you follow these tips, you can keep the airborne particles limited.

Keep Up With Cleaning

One of the best ways to get better air quality is to keep up with your cleaning schedule. Be prepared to dust surfaces often, including shelves, baseboards, and cabinets. Take a broom or mop to the floors to pick up any extra dirt or allergens that have accumulated, and keep a consistent vacuuming schedule!


There are many products that are harmful to our indoor air quality that we use without a second thought. These products are filled with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which release chemicals that can cause irritation to your respiratory system. We recommend that you skip the air fresheners and opt for pot pourri or an essential oil diffuser!

VOCs are also present in many cleaning supplies, so be sure to check the labels and go for more natural products.


Your HVAC is responsible for the air that cycles through your home, so keeping it clean and regularly maintained is a great way to improve indoor air quality.

One way to help is by changing your air filters regularly. These filters are what catch the airborne particles we don’t want to breathe in and they can become clogged over time. Once clogged, they work less efficiently and can cause an increase in utility bills! We encourage our customers to change their filters at least every 3 months.

Pet Care

We love our furry family members and the companionship they offer. The downside? All that fur! Along with the fur, however, comes pet dander which irritates the respiratory system.

The best advice here is to keep up with your cleaning, as well as giving your pet frequent baths or trips to the groomers.

Air Filtration Products

If you want to provide extra protection for your home’s air, there are a variety of products to get you there!


A whole-home humidifier is a great way to control the humidity in your home. This will help prevent moist, heavy air and mold or mildew growth.

UV Lights

Ultraviolet light technology is a fascinating way to clean your air! These lights can help kill bacteria, mold spores, and viruses in your ducts and HVAC unit.

Fresh Air Ventilators

A great alternative to chemical-filled air fresheners is a fresh air ventilator. These will help eliminate odors from pets, cooking, and chemicals.

Air Quality Services in Mt Pleasant

If you’re ready to start cleaning your air, give Dunes Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC a call! Our experts will help you determine the best solution for your home and install your products efficiently to get you breathing easier. Give us a call at (843) 892-5444 or contact us online to get started.